About Lyndon West

Just like a work of art, each Lyndon West interior possesses a point of voice, sense of style, and passionate expression through excellence in the chosen craft. Be prepared for the unexpected.

We collaborate with our clients, both private residential and large-scale commercial developers, by considering their taste and needs in creating innovative spaces with a functional design that is both comfortable and exquisite. Our mission to exceed not only the customer’s expectations, but to surpass our own, is the trademark of the Lyndon West team. Through passion, dedication, and quality craftsmanship, we provide impeccable work from concept to completion.

Each Lyndon West interior space evokes an emotion, personality, and significance that never fails to complement the exterior. Through working with projects of all scales, the common thread is our ability to bring the qualities of the location to life in a way that captures you from the moment you arrive.

“Something new and different around each corner -that is what embodies our philosophy on design; never ordinary, never predictable, yet certain to meet our aspiration and the client’s vision.” -Charlotte McFadin